Round 2

Round two will be judged by four incredible and inspirational women in FOTF. Consisting of four past Myer National FOTF winners; Carena West, Carle Rutledge, Crystal Kimber and Courtney Moore. 

Carena West
2019 Myer National FOTF Winner
New Zealand based Carena West is an ambassador of the Auckland Racing Club and winner of Australia’s 2019 ational racewear competition, MYER Fashions on the Field. Carena has been a judge of ARC and regional fashion in the field competitions around New Zealand, including NZ’s national competition, The Ned Prix De Fashion.
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Crystal Kimber
2017 Myer National FOTF Winner and 2019 Myer FOTF Ambassador
Crystal Kimber was the 2019 Myer Fashions On The Field Ambassador and won the National Myer Fashions On The Field competition in 2017. Crystal’s passion for FOTF started at the age of 16 and grew into quite the hobby, seeing her win over 25 titles nationally. Crystal has a love of unique DIY and loves an effortlessly stylish look – so no attention to detail will be missed!
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Carle Rutledge
2018 Myer National FOTF Winner Carle Rutledge is a Queensland born fashion and styl explorer who discovered her love of racing fashion after a move to Melbourne for her corporate career in construction. This interest in fashion earned her the coveted VRC Myer FOTF National Title at Flemington in 2018. A love of going to the horse races has fuelled her love of millinery and racing fashion. Admiring the beautiful fashions from the sidelines, she finally found the courage to participate in 2015 after starting to explore making her own millinery. Participating mostly in the Melbourne Cup’s Spring Carnival initially and then slowly expanding to country race days and interstate. “The most enjoyable aspect of participating is meeting the community of fellow fashion lovers and designers who are equally inspired by fashion exploration and make the most of dressing up for a great day at the track. That creative energy is like a bug and drove more confidence to explore my hat making techniques and skills in my spare time.” “Racing fashion is such a unique genre offering an unlimited creative outlet to explore a love of fashion and styling. Combined with millinery and the right accessories, it’s not the type of outfit to wear down the street. Australia’s racing fashion certainly draws attention internationally with outfits setting new and exciting levels of artistic flair and inspiration,” says Carle. “I have been incredibly fortunate to receive some amazing accolades through competing, but nothing compares, or ever will compare, to the coveted VRC Myer FOTF National Title at Flemington in 2018. Some of my FOTF achievements include”: 2015 – Top ten finalist VRC Myer FOTF VIC Derby Day and Oaks Day 2016 – VRC Myer FOTF NSW State finals – Runner Up (Myer FOTF Sydney) Ballarat Cup Winner – Lady of the Day. 2017 Top Ten finalist Myer FOTF Magic Millions (Gold Coast) VRC Myer FOTF TAS State finals (Hobart Cup) – Runner Up Winner Lady of the Day Yarra Valley Cup (Yarra Valley Country Races) Winner Open Ladies Racewear Cairns Amateur VRC Myer FOTF Melbourne Cup Day Runner up and Top Ten finalist VRC Myer FOTF Kennedy Oaks Day 2018 Top Ten finalist Harrolds FOTF Magic Millions (Gold Coast) Winner Ladies Racewear Geelong St Patricks Cup Winner VRC Myer FOTF Queensland State Final National Winner Flemington VRC Myer FOTF 2019 Winner Harrolds Fashion Chute, ATC, Randwick Championships Day 1 Winner Best Accessories Brisbane Racing Club Ladies Oaks Day Winner Caulfield Cup Dyson Style Stakes (+35) 
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Courtney Moore
Courtney is the 2016 Myer National FOTF Winner.  To find out more about Courtney read

Courtney Moore began entering FOTF 6 years ago after her “retirement” from her 21 years of calisthenics. FOTF was a way Courtney could still get up on stage however this time being able to showcase her own personal style.
Courtney has since won multiple titles and has been a place getter in competitions around Victoria and nationally including Derby Day at Flemington, Adelaide Cup and the National Title for women’s race wear in 2016 to name a few. Courtney continually loves to be inspired by the FOTF community and the love that everyone has for it. She loves the races, as it is another way her family can spend quality time together as well as meeting and catching up with some incredible fashionistas. She loves to be inspired by fashion runways and designing/purchasing outfits that can be worn not just at the racetrack but other events and loves competing to see all of the other incredible outfits ladies have put together.

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