FAQs & Photo Guide

Here we look to answer your questions that we have been asked

Photo Guide
Please ensure your entry follows these guidelines and includes:

  1. One full length picture of the front of your outfit
  2. One full length picture of the back of your outfit
  3. One close up of your outfits details (jewellery, buttons, belt, bag etc)
  4. Ensure at least one of your outfit photos (you wearing the outfit) includes a piece of paper with the date written or typed onto it
  5. Please email only 3 pictures to virtualFOTF@gmail.com


Q: In regards to the Virtual FOTF T&Cs, where it says detailed photo, is that a close up of the outfit, the accessories or the millinery?
A: You can choose which detail of your outfit you focus on, it can be millinery, shoes or bag or other accessories

Q: Just wanting to know if the 3 pictures can be taken on the same day or if they have to be done 1 week apart?
A: Pictures for one round are to be done on the same day. Don’t forget to include a piece of paper with the date written on it so we know the photo was taken for this competition. You can only enter once a week. And each week requires a different outfit.

Q: I read your T&Cs and would like to clarify that I can enter myself being a milliner?
A: We would love to encourage everyone to enter, however we need to ensure the competition is as fair as possible. While we say that people who get styled head to toe by a professional or people who get paid being a model for milliners shouldn’t enter, we don’t see a problem with a milliner entering her or himself.

Q: Can I use camera date stamp instead of a piece of paper with a date written on it for my photos?
A: Unfortunately no. We want to be fair to everyone and ask that everyone follows the same rules.

Q: Are you having any theme e.g. Black and White?
A: No we are not. We will accept all styles classic, contemporary, monochrome etc. in each week and the judges will not penalise or favour any style or colour in particular.