A catch up with Round 3 Winner – Emma Wells

Congratulations on winning round 3 of virtual FOTF! Your outfit was incredible please tell us how you put it  together?

This entire outfit was created using pieces that I had previously worn! I’m definitely making a conscious effort to reuse and recycle wherever I can, so it just made the win even more special. 

Emma in her Round 3 winning outfit

The dress is part of a cape set, and was made by a very talented friend. The fabric, chosen originally to represent the colours of the black opals of NSW, is a floral pattern which is in keeping with the popularity of florals at present. The high boots- a strong overseas trend at present – are a nod to the original fotf era (the 60s and 70s) and also gave the outfit some modesty. The blouse and structural headband were both made by the talented Jade of Sovata. The headpiece can be worn forward, back or upside down to give it different iterations for different outfits. 

Emma’s original caped version, Image Courtesy of Wendell

How long have you been competing in FOTF for and why do you keep entering? 

I started entering at some local country race meets about 3 years ago, and just became addicted! I really love that it gives me the opportunity and platform to be creative. I look back at my style when I first started, and compare it to now, and it’s crazy how much it has changed. I guess it’s also a reflection of how much I have grown as a person in recent years too. I have made some beautiful, lifelong friendships because of FOTF and that’s the real reason I keep entering. It’s so special to be able to share your passion with others that just really “get” you. 

Emma enjoying FOTF with her friends, Image courtesy of Wendell

Where do you find your racewear inspiration?

I look a lot to international runways for inspiration and I’m also enjoying incorporating some vintage trends too. I’m always thinking about what I could do that will give an outfit some wow factor, and really get people talking. Fashion is such a personal, individual thing and there’s no right or wrong answer. I’m really just having some fun taking risks, and using it to express myself right now. 

Thank you so much for organising this competition! It’s really given all of us something positive to focus on and a welcome distraction. 

Emma at a previous race day, Image courtesy of Wendell

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