A catch up with Round 1 Judge Kash O’Hara

The @VirtualFOTF team has secured the FOTF community’s most renowned personalities and industry professionals to judge in each round; let’s take a moment to find out about how they make their decisions, choose their outfits and what tips and knowledge they can pass onto entrants.

The Style Dr, Kash O’Hara

The Style Dr, Kash O’Hara

Q. As a professional stylist you make pulling a outfit together seem easy. Participants are entering from the comfort (and safety) of their homes without many resources, can you give them any tips on taking their best photo to showcase their style?

Firstly, I always tell any of my clients or anyone looking for advice to choose a look that complements their body shape and their colouring.  There are certain colours that wash people out or do nothing for them but then look amazing on others.  For example Khristina Vasko looked stunning in an orange coloured Saloni dress and won the Virtual FOTF in round one but I know that it’s a colour that looks awful on me because I have blonde hair and very fair skin.  In terms of your shape, choose a look that will show off your best features and minimise the features that aren’t as good.  For example if you’re a pear shape, the flared skirts and dresses will look far better on you than a pencil skirt or even a suit.  Also choose millinery that complements your look but also suits your face shape and colouring.  Your accessories are just as important as your look and can make or break a look when judges are looking at the whole outfit from head to toe.

Khristina Vasko in flawless FOTF style; wearing a colour that complements her skin tone, a flattering dress shape, millinery that frames her face and gold or clear accessories which complement all aspects of the outfit.

In terms of taking the photos, work out the best features of your look and make sure they are captured in the photos you choose.  You might have a beautiful printed dress which gets lost in an image from far away so make sure you take a close up of the print so the judges can see it. You might have a hat that looks better from the side or the back so make sure you capture that angle or you might be wearing a beautiful brooch or earrings that you chose that go perfectly with the look, so make sure the judges can see this. Also, play around with lighting so you see true colours.  The beauty about taking pictures at home is that there is no limit to the number of photos you can take.  You might take a 100 picutres till you get the ones you like and the judges will never know.

Round 1 entrant Daisy showing off her beautiful use of light pink and red throughout her ensemble

Since I judged round one and I can’t enter the competition myself, I will gladly answer any one’s questions.  If you’re ‘umming’ and ‘aghhing’ about something in your look and you can’t decide on the shoes or the bag then send your questions to me.  I would love to help you style your look.

Kash xx

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