Round 1 Winner – Khristina Vasko

The VirtualFOTF team took some time to get to know our Round 1 Winner, Khristina Vasko

Khristina Vasko in her winning entry.

Thanks for entering #virtualfotf and congratulations on your win. Can you tell us why you decided to enter?
The virtual fotf competition it’s such a great way for people to keep occupied, get dressed up, use outfits that they planned and couldn’t use and focus on something exciting! These are the reasons I decided to enter and have a bit of fun at home in my back yard!

Vasko is a well known participant in the West Australian FOTF scene

What was the inspiration behind your outfit? How do you choose which milliner you work with?
I try to use a different milliner every outfit to experience and create new relationships. I’m a little bit different since I choose my millinery first then tailor the outfit around that. I think it’s because I really love the talent and get completely obsessed with Millinery before I even know what I’m going to wear. I chose Mimi Jane milliner on this occasion as I am completely obsessed with the classic jackie-o style – it oozes class!! ! When I saw the wool felt piece on Mimi Jane millinery website I knew I had to have it and then styled my outfit from there.

Vasko at Flemington, 2019

What do you think of the competition so far?
I think the competition it’s absolutely freaking amazing! I can see from the pictures people are having fun with it and it’s available to anyone across Australia which is very inclusive. I’m really glad that ladies and men will have an opportunity to wear their creations after local autumn race days were cancelled.

Vasko’s Husband Mark is also a regular FOTF participant with quite a few wins to date too

What are you finding the hardest during the isolation and cancellation of the races and FOTF comps? I’m very much a race goer, not just for the FOTF but the horses, punting, social side and the whole day. We had a few large race days cancelled in Perth over April and likely May as well which can be hard; and isolation is very difficult, however, it’s for a very good reason and overall it’s a small sacrifice for the greater good.

Vasko enjoying a day at the track with family
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