Week 1 What a whirlwind

A few weeks ago, as the Prime Minister announced the end to all social events of more than 500 ppl and race courses shut their doors, our FOTF community went into a collective melt down. However, Australia’s lead FOTF social influencers and bloggers all had a similar idea, the FOTF show must go on, virtually.

Viera Macikova

This competition came together through a series of fortunate events. On that Friday afternoon, Viera Macikova (Get Racy) announced she was going to host her own virtual competition. Bethany Brajkovich (Best Dressed Access) was doing a live on Instagram, addressing the concerns of the community when she suggested taking the competition online to her followers. Simultaneously, Angela Menz (On Track On Trend) was also working on a virtual competition. It was only when they reached out to Milano Imai (Milano Imai) and Emma Scodellaro (It’s all about the Sash) that they were connected to one another’s ideas and decided to bring the entire FOTF community together to run the first Australian and New Zealand virtual online competition, VirtualFOTF.

Milano Imai

Hours of discussion took place between all five members to create the format for rounds, the choice of judges, judging format, competitor entry specifics all while working to ensure the competition would be transparent and fair for all, abide by FOTF seasonal rules to suit all climates, be long enough to ensure the planned FOTF around both countries were accounted for but short enough that the competition wasn’t too long and many many other aspects. Then there was the creation of this website, which, lets just say has created its own challenges. A special thanks goes to Viera (Get Racy) who uploads all of your amazing images and ensemble descriptions. Thank you also to Milano’s brother and Bethany’s husband who provide tech support.

Bethany Brajkovich

When we announced VirtualFOTF and did a call out for sponsors never in a million years did we expect the generous gifts from Milliners, Dress Makers, Fashion stores, beauty professionals, betting firm even the finance industry. We are also incredibly grateful to all the amazing judges who have agreed to donate their time to judge this competition. And then came the entrants and wowee we ooh’d and ahh’d over your amazing looks. We also responded to countless emails and messages from our personal, professional and group account inboxes about the terms and conditions of the competition.

Angela Menz – Image Richard Shaw

As round one has come to an end and the judges begin to deliberate over all 82 of your amazing ensembles we (Viera, Milano, Bethy, Emma and Angela) would like to thank you all for getting behind this comp, entering, sharing your pics, using our #virtualFOTF, following our social pages, spreading joy and beauty during this difficult time and coming together as one big amazing community. We cannot wait to see this weeks winners, you are all amazing and if you don’t win please go shopping in your wardrobe and enter again for your chance to be sashed the Supreme Virtual FOTF Winner.

Emma Scodellaro

With love
Virtual FOTF Admin

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  • DonnaD

    So grateful to you all for putting this together – what a mammoth effort! I am really enjoying seeing all the entrants diverse outfits. Good luck to the judges 😉